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Nora Maskey

When I began my yoga journey in the late 1980s, I knew right away that yoga was the path to healing my body, strengthening my self-confidence and challenging my limiting beliefs. More than anything else, getting on the mat got me out of my head and into my body and heart. My asana practice was my sanctuary and a great counterbalance to sitting all day in my day job as an editor.

My passion for yoga inspired me to start teaching in 1990. My journey began in a rifle range in a basement under a bowling alley! Even though it was dusty and loud, we all learned how to move our bodies with mindfulness and skill. I loved witnessing the positive effects of the practice light up the students in the class! I felt then, and continue to feel today, that I have a wonderful opportunity to help people feel good about themselves through yoga + movement.

I have continued to learn and explore yoga + movement! Each of the courses I have taken and certifications I have earned has supported my personal practice as well as my growth as a teacher. I have thousands of hours of training in yoga and wellness, and I’m recognized as a senior teacher by both Yoga Alliance International® and the Yoga Association of Alberta. In addition to yoga, I keep myself feeling healthy and happy by riding my bicycle, walking, spin classes, light weights, reading and more.

These days, my teaching includes Critical Alignment yoga therapy and Nutritious Movement biomechanics. This means my classes and private lessons are informed by my passion for healthy movement as well as my knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, alignment and therapeutics.