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Amy Thiessen
Each voice carries a unique gift and resonance which is offered words, expression, and communication. With over 15 years of experience as a musician, yoga teacher, coach and facilitator Amy uses a wholistic approach to awaken voice through the integration of somatic awareness, discernment, devotion, and vocal techniques. She offers individual (‘In Resonance’) coaching and voice & communication programs (Rise inResonance) as well as musical performances and production under the artist name‘Sundari Studios’. Amy’s voice and offerings have been featured in festivals including Bali Spirit festival, Wanderlust, Prairie Love and It’s Time to Bloom.

In ‘Resonance’ our voice carries the potency of one’s purpose and lays a foundation forself esteem, understanding, and impact. My mission is to awaken the potential of human voice and empower individuals to articulate the truth of who they are in creative expression, life, relationships, and work.I have gathered over 15 years of experience in the arena of voice, music and self-development as a recording artist, music producer, yoga trainer and facilitator, and coach.

I have curated and facilitated programs both nationally and internationally, written articles for Gaia, collaborated with internationally acclaimed teachers (JanetStone, Meghan Currie, Ally Bogard), performed at yoga festivals (Wanderlust, It’s time to Bloom, and Prairie Love) and had my work featured on radio and television