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Growing up in Calgary has been a very interesting experience. I've watched this city grow from what now resembles a tiny seed in my memory into a massive hub of diverse interactions between remarkably unique people.

I began my own formal meditation practice about 10 years ago. Life had driven me into a desperate place and I found a great deal of peace and purpose on my cushion. I began with simple guided practices that slowly evolved into deep rounds of stillness. I began to cultivate a stronger sense of presence within my mind, my heart, and my body and I've continued to be excited over the truth that this presence only grows exponentially as you dive deeper into meditation. 

I have trained with Rameen Peyrow out of the Sattva School in Edmonton, Alberta. I have trained with a private instructor in Calgary for nearly 10 years now, and I have had the wonderful privilege of being mentored by my fellow Modern + Mindful guide, Stephanie Staniforth. 

My practice has opened a road of prosperity and love in my life, and it is this road that I am committed to traveling with integrity and passion. I consider it a gift to be able to share this vision and this practice with you, and I would be honoured by your presence at the studio.

Thank you

My Speakers Sessions

Friday, March 17

6:30pm MDT

Meditation and the Power of Self-Inquiry- Presented by Modern and Mindful Shanti RoomMatthew Kelemen • Modern and Mindful

Sunday, March 19

5:00pm MDT