Liv Sikomas

I have been practicing and studying meditation since 2005 and have been teaching since 2011. I have over 600hrs of yoga and meditation training and I am an Ortho-Bionomy Prctitioner. I believe that a good teacher shows their students where to look but doesn't tell them what to see. I am passionate about personal and spiritual empowerment. The days of follow the spiritual leader are over, this is old energy and it is time for deeper understandings. I don’t want to “fix” you…in time I want to help you remember that you have immense power to help your self. How do I do this? To start, I can teach you how to make all the noise in your head stop. Can you imagine a thoughtless moment? If your answer is NO then this is where we start. I teach how to locate limiting beliefs, perceptions, fears and expectations that hold us in one state of being. I teach my clients how to connect with what I call the their Innate Intuitive Intelligence. This is about reconnecting with the body, relearning how to balance tensions and listen to the wisdom inside. Join me here at Modern and Mindful to begin your journey inward or find out more about me at www.livlightful.com