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The Yoga Code
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I've been exploring the concept of truth in a much deeper way lately. How can we live a spiritual journey while remaining absolutely truthful to the foundation of who we are. All of our glorious layers.

A little about me?

I’m on a mission to change the way Westerners view yoga. After years of existing in the corporate world, I hit my breaking point. I left my six figure career as an burnt out advertising executive and embarked on an adventure to an ashram in India where I studied to become a yoga instructor. My hope was to find myself. What I discovered however, was so much more.

I quickly learned that yoga is so much more than a series of physical postures to help create a flexible body, but rather an intricate philosophy for living a vibrant life. It was in the ashram that I discovered ten ancient principles developed thousands of years ago as a blueprint for creating a life with more meaning, balance and joy (and they don’t require touching your head to the ground or wearing black stretchy pants!).

Inspired by these principles, I returned to North America and founded The Yoga Code as a way to share this ancient wisdom with a fresh and modern twist.

When I’m not guiding others on transformational journeys through The Yoga Code Life Coaching program, workshop & retreat, you can usually find me walking or trail running in nature, writing saucy poetry, decorating my Parisian inspired townhouse, shaking my butt to hip hop or making love to an almond croissant.

My Speakers Sessions

Sunday, March 19