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Mark Groves

I’m a Human Connection Specialist - an emotional translator, writer, speaker and coach.  

I had always wondered what separated people with amazing relationships from those whose were just average. Why did some relationships maintain bliss for a lifetime, and others… not so much? Why did some people have the ability to leads thousands, and others couldn’t even lead themselves?

From what I have seen and experienced, how we connect to others will be the single greatest predictor of success in every facet of our lives. So I set out to discover the secrets of those who thrive in love and life so I could become one. My research became my life, and I live everything I learn and write about.

Through my work I help people understand their emotional matrix and how to master themselves and their words. My clients range from individuals and couples, to businesses and leaders. I take what you think you want, find out what you really want, and give you the tools to achieve your goals. 

My Speakers Sessions

Saturday, March 18

3:30pm MDT