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Bhavesh Tolani

A software engineer by profession, gave up his job in 1999 after he attended the Art of Living course in 1998.  Hugely inspired by the Art of Living course he chose to train himself to become an Art of Living and Sri Sri Yoga instructor. He has been a full time volunteer/teacher with this global Art of Living Foundation for the last 14 years and has since then been an ardent Yoga practitioner. Bhavesh Tolani is an Art of Living Teacher’s Trainer. Pursing his passion and committed to spreading the benefits he experienced through the transformative workshops of the Art of Living, Bhavesh took up the philanthropic initiatives with the charitable organization 17 years ago.

His ongoing pursuit of contributing towards leading a violence free & stress free life has taken him from both Urban and Rural towns of India to war zone areas in Africa, to changing the hearts of corporates in North America where he shares the secret of Corporate Health and Wellness through the breath and mind work.