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I moved to Calgary from SoCal for my love in 2012. I had been practicing yoga regularly for a few years, but my practice took a big shift towards becoming a teacher when we lost our home in the Alberta Floods in 2013. After the flood, my emotional, mental, and physical health suffered, to the point that I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and onset of an autoimmune disease. I was also depressed and struggling with anxiety. I needed to make drastic changes in my life. I withdrew from my master's degree program to complete my holistic nutrition degree and enrolled in yoga teacher training.

I did not know if I actually wanted to teach, but I knew I needed to heal, and I didn't have the tools. I wanted to explore my practice and immerse myself in more than asana. My teacher training experiences gave me everything I hoped for and more. I felt very comfortable teaching, and enjoyed it, but truly didn't fall in love with teaching until I let go of trying to mirror or live up to other more experienced teachers, and became comfortable with my style of teaching, unapologetically.

When I teach, I am sharing myself, my raw sense of humour, and my personal practice with students. It is a vulnerable, daunting and exciting place to be all at the same time. I had put many of my teachers on a pedestal, where I could not relate to them. I aim to be a teacher students can relate to. My intention is to create a safe space for students to land on their mat however they are in that moment, whether it's graceful or messy, full of smiles and laughs, or frustrations and tears.

I am still healing from wounds and demons, and I have to remind myself often that yoga is my way of life, not just a physical activity. My practice will never make perfect, and I don't want it too. We truly are all a beautiful work in progress. It took me a long time to except all of myself, my strengths and my limitations. I figure if I can try to be my truest authentic self, then I can inspire others to be as well.

I take a lot of pride in being a SoCal girl, I wear my Dodgers blue and Kings black with pride. I am a yoga teacher that cannot do the splits or a handstand (heaven forbid Instagram!). I am a yogi that is also passionate about fitness and nutrition - you can find me motivating spinners around YYC. I also founded an eco, ethical and sustainable apparel company called Nourish Sweat Soul, my passion project with a mission to educate and empower my community to make conscious choices to live an overall healthier, happier, more balanced life. We collaborate with amazing people to create mindful apparel to encourage our community to eat healthy, get sweaty and live holistically.

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