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Amanda Contrell

Artist, mom, teacher, yoga enthusiast, Reiki master, and mindfulness workshop teacher, Amanda Marie Cottrell’s art is inspired from her daughter and her yoga practice. She started drawing when she was a little kid and could draw for hours on end. Then stopped for a while, as life got too busy. Now she draws as a type of meditation and mindfulness practice. 

Each piece of art has meaning and symbolism that is meant to aid in meditative practices. If you have a meditation practice pick the art piece that speaks to you as it will aid in your healing process to ground and centre yourself.  If you do not have a meditation practice read about the meaning of each of the mandalas and chose the one that relates to you. 

Amanda also creates personalized mandalas and hand and foot print pieces upon request as well as mindfulness art workshops for a fun girls night at home.   

My Speakers Sessions

Saturday, March 18

6:30pm MDT