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My Awakening to Yoga and Meditation...

When I was 5yrs old, I had a near death experience. I was swimming in a pool without knowing how to swim. I fell into the deep end of the pool. Like a rock, I sank to the bottom.  I was held underwater for quite sometime. For me, I felt like I had so much calmness around me. The silence and quiet from being under water felt amazing. I felt so connected to a love inside me. A peace that I've never felt since. I felt like I could breath underwater.   When I was pulled to the surface by my sister Wendi... all I saw around me were the looks of fear on everyone's faces.  For me I felt torn, as if I had been forced out; and torn away from such peace. I think about that day often. So much stillness...then pulled out of it. Life wasn't quite the same after. My sister was scared for my life and all I could think of was how I could return to that peace again.

I started my Yoga journey after a painful breakup with my boyfriend.  I realized I needed an outlet for myself. A practice where I could focus on myself and heal from my sadness. Yoga created a safe place to release tension and allowed me to feel whole again . This practice allowed me to take care of myself and now that I take care of clients,  I can hold space.....  both physically and mentally. Yoga helped me calm my mind through physical poses,  meditation, and philosophy. I took several Yoga teacher training's and each one has brought me closer to the peace I felt as the 5 year old child in the pool. Through teaching yoga I provide guidance and techniques to help people quiet the mind, relax the body, shift brain states, and expand awareness as they connect with the peace, stillness, and wisdom that is always available to them. I teach workshops, retreats and private bookings. I am also a  Registered Massage Therapist, Reiki master and CranioSacral Therapist.  I also like to incorporate sound therapy by using crystal singing bowls to open up energy centers in the body which allows the body to heal in a restful state.  

"When we take the steps to take care of our bodies...Only then we can we take care of others." anonymous