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Jane Rezende

I started my life and career in Brazil. I know that I came to this world to bring energy, love, care, understanding and positive transformations. Because of this I have a BA in Psychology specialized in family practices and I am a Life & Business certified coach. I work with entrepreneurs- change makers, dream builders, risk takers, freedom seekers- who know there can be more, that something is missing, who are no longer satisfied with what is and are always pushing for more, for different, for better.

And I am also a Certified Shivam Yoga instructor. Shivam Yoga is a philosophical(Samkhya and Tantra) and therapeutic system from Brazil that combine psychology and science. This traditional methodology respects the original source of Yoga knowledge which began between 7 and 10 thousands years ago in the Dravidian Civilization. The orthodox Shivam Yoga practice(not religious or devotional) works through several Angas (parts): Dharana (mental concentration), Pujas (energy transfer), Pranayamas (breathing exercises), Asanas, Yoganidra (relaxation and self-knowledge), Dhyana (Meditation) and Mantras. In fact, it is as a traditional ritual where the Sadhakas realize and improve all levels of the body: physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual.

I love to live and enjoy life full throttle: you will find me literally riding a Harley-Davidson to many places in the United States, Brazil and Canada. And the third way that I bring energy, love, care, understanding and positive transformations is being a samba and belly dance instructor.