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Amy Thiessen
I began #ProjectSundari a long time ago, before I ever realized what it would become. When I was 23 studying in an Indian ashram I was given the name "Sundari" as something to grow into. The word means "beautiful self" and as I evolved through years of study in yoga and healing I realized that recognizing true beauty in oneself means accepting all aspects of one's being.

As a teacher I have had the privilege of working with several practitioners and began to see #ProjectSundari as a way of supporting the evolution of both myself and my students. The power of mantra is something that has always escaped logical understanding. From ceremony in Peru, to working with people transitioning out of this life, I have witnessed first hand that mantra has an inexplicable power to heal.

Equipped with a guitar, keyboard, simple drum machine and loop pedal, I create what I call "Ancient Trip Hop" a hypnotic blend of harmonies, prayers, beats, and melody with the intension of creating an auditory safe for self understanding and healing. Sometimes these songs last only a few minutes, sometimes much longer depending on the flow of the practice or concert. The primary intention is connection to Self and each other.

You can listen to mantras and #ProjectSundari at amythiessen.com