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Kristine Murphy

Pure Hot Yoga
Calgary, AB
My journey into yoga began about twelve years ago when I took my first hot yoga class. I have an athletic background and competed in many different sports. I had the opportunity to go to the University of San Diego on a full tennis scholarship where I played professionally. This led to many serious injuries and a life of living in constant pain. I was encouraged to try hot yoga, which I did. Slowly, I started to see dramatic changes. I noticed that my pain had decreased and I was getting stronger and more flexible. At this point, I was still very focused on the physical benefits of yoga.

However, there was a turning point for me, where it became more than just a "physical practice" for me. Going through the most difficult period of my life, I finally experienced the mental and spiritual side of yoga. I found that through yoga I became more grounded, calmer and more focused. I became drawn to the practice for my mind, my spirit, my being. It allowed me to live in the present and I became a happier, more committed and centered person.

It was THEN that I realized I must sign up for a Baron Baptiste Teacher Training. I decided that I had to share this passion, this LOVE with others. I wanted others to feel and experience what had changed my life. This is when I knew that I must open up my own studio. I wanted to create a place where everyone and anyone feels welcome, comfortable and loved. Living in such a busy, fast paced world, I wanted to create a place where everyone can walk out feeling more grounded, positive and confident. I wanted to create a place where others could open their hearts, their bodies, their minds.

My dream came true with the opening of Pure Hot Yoga. I have owned Pure for almost 6 years and the studio has grown and evolved into more than just a yoga studio. It has grown into one big family where friendships are made and bonds are built. It is a place where people feel safe and loved. I could not be any happier with the community that has been built at Pure and I am always grateful for every time that I am able to step onto my mat and guide others through their journey of self discovery.

Yoga has had such a profound, positive effect on my life that I feel so blessed to be able to share this gift with others. I hope to inspire and challenge every person that steps into PURE just as they will me.