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Bonnie Kowaliuk

Bonnie Kowaliuk is an eclectic mindfulness coach and leadership consultant with background designations as a registered social worker, accredited music therapist and business leadership consultant who over the course of the past 6 years has been exploring brain based approaches to learning, transformational leadership, health and wellness. She is currently completing her designation as a Fellow of the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery which employs music assisted mindfulness and psychotherapeutic approaches to help address a wide range of issues from health and wellness to optimal learning and performance.  

Music-assisted mindfulness works to empower clients with the capacity to heal and support health interventions by integrating mindfulness practices that employ relaxation techniques which support the reduction of anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorders, grief/complex loss and other related mental/physical health issues which can interfere & impact the ability to cope and function in effective ways personally and professionally. Mindfulness techniques when paired with the use of music have the ability to support the client’s inner resources and ways to knowing which helps to increase self-awareness (physical, mental, emotional & spiritual) and taps into the body/psyche’s natural ways to restore homeostasis and balance to systems which are taxed and stressed by multiple variables.  

For individuals and groups who want to understand how to access other ways of healing and are seeking to gain an increased capacity to support and optimized health (physical and psychological), then music assisted mindfulness techniques have the ability to empower and support preventative health, medical, educational, leadership & psychotherapeutic interventions. This information session will provide both background to this methodology and a group music assisted mindfulness experience for the traveller to actively participate in.